Merry Christm a.i. s


Typically, I try and slot some time into my work schedule before Christmas break so that I can get all “creative-like” and send you a special seasonal greeting and/or heartfelt sentiment… with the goal to make you think nice thoughts about me and feel compelled to send me a classy Christmas message back.

Well… funny story… I forgot that Christmas was happening this year. There are many reasons as to the why and how this gross calendar omission might have been allowed to happen…

But fear not, for I have harnessed the power of AI to generate a veritable gift-basket of lovely seasonal images, engineered by science so that your heart will automatically fill up with all the cheer and warm fuzzies you could ever wish for during the holidays.

These were “hand-text-prompted” by me with love. Please choose your favourite and let me know. That way, we can all help AI (our software friend) learn what humans prefer so that we can be more efficiently and expeditiously replaced.

Click the images below to experience the heart-warming goodness of AI-generated greetings.

{KEYWORDS: winter; snowflake; reindeer; holly; presents; tree; lights; smile; warm; cozy; fruitcake; frosty; window}

Have a Human-centric Merry Christmas!

I wish you all the peace and joy you can handle.
From me and mine, to you and yours.

Thomas Magee • Strategic Creative Design

{ this greeting was generated by copy ai }