Meet Tom

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the internet.

Feel free to bookmark it, but don’t expect daily updates… even the blog portion of my site is rather sporadic. Not gonna post a picture of what I ate last night and waste bandwidth talking about it. I’m a fairly private guy who just likes to do good work and get paid for it. Aside from the computer, phone and my music, I am not your typical new media tech zealot. Of course, keyword web searches are a tool, but I still prefer the traditional concept generation methods such as thinking and drawing. It’s better to get the idea onto paper before you forget what you were doing when your mouse froze up.

I admire great ideas, no matter what the medium happens to be. I believe inspiration can come from anything, anywhere and at any time. In fact, that’s what most great ideas are: just seeing a new connection between two previously known quantities. So rather than try and design the crap out of a bad idea, I prefer to start with a great idea, and then work the design to communicate that greatness most effectively.

I welcome the opportunity to learn new things. I listen well (It’s not always what is being said that is the most important). I respond thoughtfully. I seek ways to engage my clients in the process. I love working with people who challenge me to achieve greatness, no matter where that may lead. Aside from that, I’m a pretty decent individual who’s not looking to step on someone else just to get ahead.

That’s all I really want to type for now. So, have some fun and look around my site. Iif you think we could work well together, just click below and let me know. I’d be happy to buy the coffee, beer or whatever you’re in the mood for.

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