My (un)filtered thoughts on things that matter to me.

Blogs are a bit like picking the lint out of your belly button and holding it up while shouting “Hey everybody, guess what I found!” I think most people operate under some false hope that other people might actually care what they think, so they post it online.

I have pretty low expectations that other people will care about what I have to say, and yet… here I am typing. This section could take on the tone of a rant over time, which might be pretty entertaining.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Some recent thoughts:

Not all logo files are created equally

Learn the difference between rasters and vectors. It’s fun… really ;^)

Understanding the creative process

Everything’s better when we just talk…

The difference between RGB and CMYK

RGB and CMYK are two different colour models, and understanding the difference can mean producing great-looking print materials…