Work With Me

Work, work, work…work…work…

That’s better. Now that that’s out of the way, I would like to change the subject for one brief moment. I trust you will be able to follow my lead.

There is a lot more to me than just being a rather talented and creative individual. I aim to strike a healthy balance between my professional and personal lives. I believe a relationship deserves to be nurtured and supported by all concerned parties if it is to stand a chance of survival in this current age of instant gratification. Everyone has goals. Some are obvious (make money, increase awareness) while others are more subtle and evasive.

Different goals need not be the source of friction between two individuals. This is when the true value of experience and intelligence make themselves known. By communicating with integrity and understanding, I work to ensure that all parties involved recognize the importance of a win-win solution.

Aside from my great work, that’s how I keep my clients happy and profitable.

Speaking of work, the majority of my career has been spent working within studio design teams as an Art Director/Graphic Designer, and I have also learned and earned my skills as a Production Artist. I am a true team player and I enjoy collaborating with others to deliver finished work that targets the sweet spot between solid strategy and inspiring creativity. I like the accountability of a good process and I have no problems managing all tasks and deadlines that are set before me. I value the precision and consistency of my work and I never cut corners in the production fulfillment phase of a project. I believe that great design can make great content more relevant and compelling for the target audience. A company with a great message is worth the effort and there is always a way to make good things happen.

Most importantly, I maintain a positive attitude and a sense of humour in everything that I do.

Work With Me