Songs to Audition

The Grand Experiment

I started this tune in late July 2021. It’s a mix of a quick 5-note melody and another set of chords that I never found a home for … until now.
Give a listen and let me know what you think.

I recorded the same song in two separate arrangement styles.

The first one uses a “rock band” arrangement.

The second one (Mellow Style) is a result of me just wanting to totally deconstruct the tune in order to make something completely different than what I usually settle on. I have been hearing a lot of “retro-synth 80’s stuff lately, so maybe that’s why I hit upon this arrangement. I don’t think I actually succeeded in going 80’s retro… it’s simply a stripped down version where I let the sounds dictate how the song should feel. The drum machine is a recreated TR-808 beat box, so that’s basically from the 80’s. But the Rhodes piano is maybe a bit more 70’s.

The only things that are consistent between the two tracks are the lead vocal and one synth sound.

Anyhow, Send me an email and let me know what you think of these takes.
I would love to hear any constructive feedback you might have.

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All That I Can Do

by Thomas Magee

Listen to song versions below.


Lyrics and music copyright © 2021 by Thomas Magee.

All tracks written, arranged, performed and produced by Thomas Magee. All tracks recorded at Goodenough Studios, Calgary, Alberta, 2021.

Please do not copy or redistribute these songs without express written permission from me, the guy who wrote them. That’s just the decent, ethical thing to do.