Website Design – Radiology Mentorship

I was contracted to design a logo and website for a medical professional who wanted to build her reputation and presence in the field. At the height of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, when hospital staff were beginning to feel the true burden of being at the front lines while the rest of the world was pretending to get back to a sense of “normal”, she started her own mentorship service to empower and inspire her colleagues. How could I say no to that mission of human kindness?

Once the logo was completed, I designed and built the website (plus some custom info graphics). I also played “Project Manager” here and there, going so far as to compiling a literal “to-do list” for us to complete as she wrote and considered content for the website. When the site went live (on-time and on-budget), I hosted a tour of the backend CMS, answering as many questions as possible to help her and her blog writer to feel confident and equipped in order to perform content updates once my role as a creative designer was finished.

View the new website here ».