Project Description

UCalgary ARCH Awards.

UCalgary hosts an event each year where they celebrate the achievements of some of their most aspiring alumni.

The creative brief for the event kicked off with an initial call for submissions email/social campaign. Some of the initial adjectives used were “prestigious”, “coveted”, “on a level above”, “esteemed”, “special award”, and “gala event”. The overall message we wished to convey was that UCalgary’s alumni are all special in their own way, but we are looking for the standout candidates.

The one carry-over from previous years was going to be the actual physical award. This glass crystal sculpture has become synonymous with the event (winners receive it and display it proudly thereafter). It represents the best of the best.

Once we had these guiding principles in place, the concept came about quite quickly. I bought some gemstones at a craft store and set up a mini photo studio in-house in an unused corner office. I then arranged them around the statue and took the shots I needed to perform the final ad design and image prep.

The final promo image was sent out to support the call for nominations on email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Nominations were up 133% from the previous year.